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About Kari.A.Tune Music Studio

Kari Weldon, Certified Level 1 Suzuki Voice teacher ESA and SAA

I have studied music as vocalist and French hornist.   My voice studies began in 1993 through private lessons.  Through traveling on elite musical ensembles, performing and competing as a soloist and in ensemble/choir settings on international stages, and engaging in musical recording projects, I have gleaned much to build my knowledge of how the voice works. Coupled with my 13 years teaching experience, I am passionate about musical excellence and enjoyment!.  Professionally, I perform with the Phoenix Symphony Chorus, Tri City Baptist Church Choir and Orchestra, and as a soloist in various international venues.

Certified Level 2 Suzuki Voice teacher, ESA & SAA
Active Member in NATS
Bachelor of Arts degree from Northland International University 

Current training:
*Training Level 3 Suzuki Voice
*Pursuing a Master's in Music Education

"The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul."

J.S. Bach
We offer
Voice training for all ages. Whether you are interested in a professional career as a vocalist or just simply want to learn how to sing on pitch and read music, we can help! Our vocal services will focus on:

*Developing one's individual singing voice
*Building correct posture and breath support
*Ear training and sight reading skills
*Proper intonation, articulation, and musical interpretation
*Singing in various languages
*Poise and professionalism in performance